Our company has a full production cycle, from procurement to furniture workshops. Thanks to this, we control the quality at all stages of production.

Our barn wood is not exposed to chemical treatment, oils, resins, varnishes, wax, and even more so acid or staining are not used in it. The reclaimed timber is absolutely safe for your health.

We do not cut down trees for production, but reuse old wood. Choosing a reclaimed wood for your interior, you take care of the environment and the resources nature has given us together with us.

The color, texture, relief of the boards are as unique as fingerprints. You can create a truly unique interior.

The reclaimed wood is imbued with the free energy of the Siberian expanses. The interior made of old wood helps to plunge into the atmosphere of bygone eras, mentally travel in space, take a break from the bustle of big cities.

Reclaimed wood is a stable material, which, due to age and the influence of nature, is much less susceptible to deformation and cracking, unlike any fresh wood.

Our barn wood product originates from Siberia a Russian region, its sourced from old barn buildings, that are a selection of matured timber.

For the timber to be considered as mature it should be set up as a part of the exterior finishing of the building giving it exposure to the extreme weather conditions for at least 20 years. Such boards and older ones are carefully selected, extracted and the best ones are sent to our manufacturing factory in Kirov. The boards are then cleaned by professionals to get rid of the dirt and dust, selection and adjustment to required sizes is then done and last but not least, brushing the boards to reveal the structural pattern of the tree.

We offer barn wood in various colours such as; grey, brown and grey with white paint, as well as for different purposes, our assortment includes panels, beams, slats etc.
The grey timber is an authentic version of the barn wood, it’s cleaned and prepared for use in the interior.
White paint highlights the grey plank and emphasises its rear surface and ageing.
The brow barn wood is our main treasure whose beauty lies beneath the top layer which is carefully extracted by professional craftspeople.

Mature wood designed for the interior is eco- friendly, safe, durable and naturally beautiful. Each plank has a different story to it, ring patterns formed over several years and beautiful colour tones.
The barn board fits the aesthetic of interior design and elegance.